Benefits of abstract art

Abstract Art is good for the brain

Abstract Art stimulates the brain as other art forms do. It makes you think, and it makes kids learn colors better because there are lots of colors in many of these paintings. It is good for the brain because, after a while, you start to see the picture in the painting, making you think about what it means.

Abstract Art is fun to make

Artists use things like crayons, paint, and markers to put on the paper. I don’t think they have a particular palette because they can use the colors in their artwork. They also don’t be in an art studio with many other artists. Some Abstract artists paint what they see in a window across the street, take paints out of the closet, and start painting.

Abstract Art shows things better than looking at them

Because it uses colors and patterns, sometimes Abstract Art shows you how something looks before it happens, just like in the future. One thing artist Wassily Kandinsky considered if his painting looked like music sounds when he did art. He learned from a friend how sounds were doing that in France, so he used that idea in his art.

Abstract Art relates to nature

Because it uses colors and shapes, sometimes you can see what things looked like when they were first made or still look like today, even when they have been destroyed or changed into something else.

Abstract Art uses space

Abstract Art uses space to show things that can’t live with your eyes. For example, one of Picasso’s paintings is just a red egg with lines. You can only see it if you look at it from far away and back up again.

Abstract Art has beauty and feeling

Abstract Art can make you feel happy or sad, like a sunset or the time when you are having fun at the beach. It is interesting because it combines different feelings into one picture that you have to look at. Its beauty is like how beautiful the sunset looks in your favorite movie when they show it on the screen.

Abstract Art is suitable for imagination

You can look at Abstract Art one way or look at it differently. You can look at it and see something that isn’t there.

Abstract Art has a meaning

Sometimes, when you pick your favorite color, you might think about something special or something happy that happened to you, like when you picked purple for the first time in kindergarten with your friend Hannah because she had purple pants on and liked the color too.

Abstract Art can change your mood

When you see something Abstract, it might make you feel excited or relaxed, like when you are waiting for the bus, and someone is singing outside. It could make you sad, like when a pet dies or someone moves away.

Abstract Art can help someone

When lots of people appreciate art, they want to help encourage more people to paint pictures, so they start making lots of money selling their paintings and teaching kids how to paint.

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