Modern Art in U.S. Casino Resorts

Modern Art in U.S. casinos is written by Alice Gray Stites, published in 2012. It is about abstract painting and modern art. This book is an exhaustive anthology of works by American artists who have painted casino murals. Jackie Saccoccio features in this publication. The reason being she has created more than twenty casino murals throughout the United States. Several feature in the book; Limelight, Crescent City, The Alamo, and The Queen. If you are visiting one such casino mural you might want to place some bets in the casino too. You can learn how to play certain online casino games before you visit, check out to know more. That way you will understand the risks and potential rewards.


Saccoccio’s painting, Pandora, from her series Gold Series won Best of Show at the Miami Modernism Show. Pandora is a six-foot high acrylic/acrylic on canvas piece featured in an article for the New York Times. You may have seen her visiting a city near you. Her tour has taken her all over the world. Jackie describes this work as a painting of a woman holding up two boxes. She is standing on a pedestal in the center of enormous space and floating above Earth.” The work is a contemporary interpretation of the Greek mythological figure Pandora. According to mythology, Pandora released all the evils of the world upon man.

National Arts Club

Saccoccio has been exhibited in many global art environments. Her exhibition “Jackie Saccoccio: The Influence of Water,” was hosted at the University of Miami in 1992. She had a solo exhibit at the Julian Knowles Gallery in New York City during this time. In 1993 she was part of a group show at the National Arts Club. This included artists like Philip Pearlstein and Deane Simpson. Saccoccio attended the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. She spent three months working on a solo exhibit from April to October 1993; the exhibit is titled: “The Al” mo.”

Outstanding Achievement in the Arts

The University of Pennsylvania honoured Saccoccio in 1994. Granted an outstanding achievement in the arts and a teaching award. The Miami Fashion Council honored her twice in 1995 and 1996. She had a one-person exhibit at the Subliminal Projects Gallery in Miami. It ran from 1996 to 1997 in collaboration with renowned artist Robert Motherwell.

“The Queen” painting published under a section titled “Modern Art” in U.S. Casino Resorts by Alice Stites Gray and Michelle Harrison. The book includes extensive information about casinos containing modern art. You’ll find that pieces are from the permanent collection of M.O.M.A., New York City. Anyone can go and view the art.

In Education

Saccoccio has been a guest lecturer at various universities throughout the United States. In 2012 the City of Miami sponsored her to speak about creating modern art for local businesses. In 2013, The New York Times Magazine staff interviewed them about her work on modern paintings. Jackie Saccoccio’s painting “Pandora” features as one of the best examples of modern art currently in U.S. casinos.

In 2014 Saccoccio served as artist-in-residence at Boca Raton Community High School. She presented two classes at Boca Raton Community College and Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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